Sitting here at the beach….

Sitting here at the beach, listening to the waves and the people who are talking and happy kids playing in the background. It has to give you a kind of feeling of freedom. But what is freedom? Why do we need to have the feeling to be free? Because I think we are not free at all. Are we really free to do exactly everything that we want in life? Are we really that free to be ourselves in life? No because we still are not accepting people for who they are or who they want to be. People just laugh in your face or they ignore you and they talk about you behind your back. We are not free!!! Will that ever change? Yes if we start to educate the children like in the old days! Yes if all the generations accept that people are different! That people have different cultures. To be onest sometimes it makes me insecure. Being insecure makes fragile. I can give people who are insecure so much confidence. So why can’t I feel sometimes more secure about myself! Especially people here in Italy are looking at people, let’s say stare at people! That’s makes me insecure. I don’t like to be insecure. Every time I ask myself why! Why do people have the urge to look at you, Really look at you in a way that you feel so small. What is that? Jealousy? Envy? Hate? Arrogance? Admire?and so on! I don’t know and it is interesting to understand why people act or look at you the way they do. I admire people who show that they are confident. Having confidence in themselves! Even when people make nasty and very negative comments. Because those people are insecure and they have the urge to feel confident by judging other people. The world is changing but a lot of people are not accepting those changes. You have to be more open minded and more accepting. But we don’t need to push it too far. I think in some topics we are exaggerating but that’s life. If you want to be pushed in different corners then keep on exaggerating but it will confuse you in the end.

Just think about it and write to you soon.

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