An inspiring afternoon!

The Ocean  It roars like a lion,Yet so calm and sincere,Like a refined diamond.Much beauty lurks here. It’s in the ocean you find true beauty,Where worlds hide in the deep.The ocean is where you find mystery,Where things live, die, and sleep. The ocean is where you go to ponder.It relaxes the mind, body, and soul.In the ocean I often wander.It helps me focus on my … Continue reading An inspiring afternoon!

A little road trip in Tuscany.

Living in Tuscany Italy is special.You live on the coast but you miss the landscape of Tuscany. Time for a small day / night trip to the Tuscan countryside. During the trip you see that the landscape is changing. The month of September is very different from the summer months. The grapes are almost ripe and will be harvest soon. You see farmers checking the … Continue reading A little road trip in Tuscany.